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Bill Estimator - Monthly

Wondering what your bill will cost?

Usage Calculator

Bill Year
Customer Class
Meter Size
1 Unit = 100 ccf = 748 gallons

Approximate Monthly Cost: $41.00

Use this bill estimator to get an idea. Simply choose the desired data, enter your current usage and hit the "Calculate Rate" button to get your approximate cost.

How do you determine your current usage?

Collect your current meter read from your meter and subtract the meter read from your most recent bill.

* Residential customer accounts have a maximum meter size of 1" .
* If you have a fire suppression device, please add the appropriate monthly fee to the results of your bill estimator total.
Your monthly usage is calculated based on CCFs (100s of cubic feet). 100ccf is equal to 748 gallons.
An approximate average monthly usage for a family of 2 people is about 600ccf (4,488 gallons).
This does not include outdoor usage.
The "Usage" portion of the calculator is figured in units.
1 Unit = 100 ccf = 748 gallons
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